Lowan’s Cooking Class

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Here’s Lowan’s Marble Cake Mmmmmm delicious!!!

He just loved going to this children’s cooking class.  It was held during the school holidays and it only goes for an hour and a half, but he enjoyed himself so much, he raved about it all afternoon after he got home.  Not to mention, he and Connor have had two portions of the cake and want more!  I’m so proud of him and he’s made a really yummy cake too.  He wants to show me how to make another one over the weekend.  Can’t wait 🙂 …. Oh my goodness, must run now.  Connor has broken into the zinc cream whilst I’ve been typing this.  It’s everywhere!  I’ll need another piece of cake myself after this.


3 Responses to “Lowan’s Cooking Class”

  1. Lowan, Grandma and Grandpa love your cake you made at cooking class. We wish we could have stopped over and had a piece with you and your family. We love you all very much. Happy baking!!!

    • Lowan says thanks and he wishes you guys could’ve had a piece too. He was really really proud of it. Since then he’s been helping me heaps in the kitchen. He’s even cutting up zucchini and mushrooms for me! I’m so proud of him 😀

  2. He’s just informed he wants to go to another cooking class next school holidays. I think the holidays are sometime during June/July (2 weeks). I wonder what he’ll be making then. He told me he didn’t crack any eggs into the cake he made as he hadn’t learnt that yet, so he asked me to teach him. We made a big quiche and Lowan cracked 8 eggs! We had some hiccups in the beginning but he got it just right on the 4th egg. He did a great job! 😀

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