Oh it’s just not fun being sick.  Last week, Lowan had a cold, a fever, then a cough and now he’s finally back to school almost a week later, poor little darling.    By this Tuesday, we both went to see the Doctor as I had inevitably caught the virus as well….the joys of being a Mum lol.  Of course the Doctor always says it’s a virus and just take your paracetamol every 4-6 hours, drink plenty of fluids and REST.  Hah … rest with a two year old running around??!!  I find that highly unlikely!

But now, that poor little 2 year old darling has come down with a high fever as well.  So he spent the morning at the Doctors … yes, it’s viral again, surprise surprise.

I think the most worrisome time for parents is when their little ones are sick or have a fever.  I know I end up feeling very stressed out and so worried that I end up forgetting that I’m actually sick and need rest too.  All I can say is thank goodness my Husband is home this week on annual leave, otherwise, it could’ve been quite nightmarish week with no meals cooked, no laundry done, no vacuuming, no grocery shopping, need I say more…

I do have good news as of this afternoon though.  Lowan had a great day at school today and Connor’s temperature has settled down a bit by this afternoon.  Mine is back to normal I hope.  My antibiotics appear to be working thank goodness.   But Connor is eating so that’s always a good sign.  He only wants to eat dry crackers with vegemite on them but at least it’s something.  Plus he’s getting into this lemon and honey concoction I’ve been making for all of us who are ridden with illness right now.

Bring on the weekend and hopefully all of us will be well enough to do something as a family 🙂



3 Responses to “*Sniff…sniff…Aaachooooooo!!!*”

  1. kayleen Says:

    Hi Melissa~
    So happy you are all feeling better. Hope Connor is much better, too. We are all thinking of you on your “Special Day”!! Hope you have a very Happy Birthday and that you have a wonderful year ahead. I have now bookmarked this page so I won’t lose it again. Love and hugs to each of you. Mum and Dad P.S. Do something special for yourself with the money we sent. You deserve it!!! xoxo

  2. Awww thankyou!! ❤

  3. Actually Jay ended up getting the flu too and Connor has only just had his first day without a fever after about 6 days in a row of feverishness. Jay had it for 3 days and hopefully Lowan and I are on the mend now. We’ve all got these horrid phlegmy coughs and I keep spraying Glen 20 Disinfectant Spray around the house to kill off the germs. Not sure if it’s working lol.

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