Happy Birthday to me!

Well I’ve decided that I’m turning 30 again for this year’s Birthday! 😛

Jay, Lowan & Connor put coloured streamers up all around the house and lit a bunch of candles (just 6 to be on the safe side haha) on a beautiful Birthday cake with triple cream and raspberry jam layers.  The boys were soooooooo excited and all Lowan could do was ask for cake cake cake.  Talk about a cake maniac = Lowan.  Connor had a little bit of cake but was more interested in wearing the pointy party hats.

Thank you to my lovely parents-in-law / gramma gwennie for the beautiful Birthday greetings cards.  I’m lucky to have such a beautiful family overseas that care so much.  Thankyou again and much love to you all ❤


6 Responses to “Happy Birthday to me!”

  1. kayleen Says:

    Hi Melissa~ So glad you had a nice birthday!! Glad you enjoyed your cards, too. I can just see Lowan so excited for the cake and your reaction……and Connor wearing the hat!! Funny. I bet the cake was yummy!! Did you get to go to Sage?? Glad that Jason took some time off. I’m sure you all had a nice time together. Much love to each of you. Mum and Dad

  2. No unfortunately, we were all too sick to go to Sage haha. We would’n’t have been able to taste anything, so I think we’ll wait till we’re all better without coughs and runny noses. We’ll enjoy it better that way haha.

  3. Don’t forget to check your email. I sent you a birthday wish. 😉

    • Ooh thankyou so much for the paypal gift – you guys didn’t have to do that! I hope that was the birthday wish you were talking about as I haven’t received any others, but who knows with the internet. My email checker is how I know if someone comments on here too, so it checks every 5 minutes for me and makes a noise if something arrives 🙂

  4. That was it. I didn’t get a note from PayPal saying you got it so I wasn’t sure. Hope you you get to go to Sage now that you’re all feeling better. Give everyone a hug for us!

  5. Oh yes, Sage would be lovely, but I think we’ll be going next weekend instead of this one as we’re all still coughing like ‘goodness knows what’ and have noses running like water hoses. Not to mention, all food tastes like cardboard still haha.

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