School Holidays!

I’ve just had my eldest child at home for two weeks school holidays.  Now that I have one at school, I’ve had to go researching for ideas on things to keep five year olds entertained, along with two year olds of course (can’t forget the younger siblings!) for a whole 14 days!

I made some home-made playdough which worked a treat.  Along with an assortment of cookie cutters and a wooden roller, my two boys were like two little chefs creating a multitude of dishes from edible snowmen to dinosaurs to pies, fruits and ….. roads with road signs?  Of course, the two year old had a sneaky little nibble of the playdough but made a “yucky” face when he tasted the sheer amount of salt in it *hehehe*  Yes, the salt certainly stops them in their tracks once they get a taste of it.  No more eating playdough for my two year old anyway, thank goodness.

I organised some playdates with some other Mum’s of my 5 year old’s friends, both at our house and theirs.  The 2 year old was lonely without his bigger brother though, so I involved him in my baking and he enjoyed that.

I also found a lot of kids recipes for the boys to try in the kitchen as they both love cooking, but more importantly, eating the end product.   We found these simple little fruit balls to make which had crushed weetbix, chopped apricots, honey and coconut in them.  They loved eating those.  Also, I was happy because they were a healthy little treat for them which was an added bonus!

Other than that, the weather was freezing outside with continuous rain, so I got a heap of big blankets and moved the chairs around and made a big cubbyhouse/tent for them to play in.  They brought their own blankets off their beds along with their pillows in there and played and fought until the two year old pulled the tent down and I had to rebuild it again …. and again ….. and again, day after day.

Aah the joys of being a parent.  Isn’t it wonderful? lol 🙂


2 Responses to “School Holidays!”

  1. kayleen Says:

    Oh, it sounds like you all had fun times while Lowan was home from school. I’m so happy you can be home with them and they can have time to just be kids. You are a great Mum…..thanks for being you!!! xoxo Gramma and Grandpa

  2. Aww thanks! Sometimes you just need to hear that, as being a Mum is such a thankless job most of the time LOL

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