My youngest started 3 yr old Kinder today!!

My baby who will be three this Friday 8th Feb, began 3 year old Kinder today.  They all looked so tiny and still looked like little toddlers who should be at home!  Of course, I became all emotional and ended up teary-eyed and had to run and hide before anyone (especially my little one) saw me.  Luckily my Husband was there to carry on with things until I composed myself once again and helped to settle our son into the classroom.  But he didn’t seem to notice us there.  He just went about exploring all of the activities they had set up at various toddler-height tables and chairs.

It’s amazing to think how fast it’s gone since he was a little helpless baby.  I remember people always saying to us how we should enjoy the years when they are young as they grow up too fast, and they were absolutely right!


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