New items in ETSY store for boys Pirate, Pirate Ship, Treasure Chest, Parrot, Dinosaurs

I’m not sure what you guys have come across if searching for boys art, but I’ve found that boys can often be overlooked when buying children’s art.  Quite a lot of art I’ve seen lately has been cute, pink and sparkly and has mostly been targeted towards girl’s rooms rather than the blues, greens, pirates, trains and dinosaurs for boys rooms.

Therefore, I decided to do some boys art just so they didn’t miss out on some cool jazzy art for their walls too.

m_dino m_dino1 m_pirate m_pirate_chest m_pirate_parrot m_pirate_ship

The dinosaur art pieces are 20x20cm or almost 8x8in and $15 each plus shipping.

Meanwhile the pirate set of 4 is $145 or you can pick and choose pieces made to order for $40 per canvas 20x25cm or 8x10in.

To have one or more made to order, go via etsy link top right of blog and select Custom.

Hope you like these latest ones 🙂


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