ABSTRACT ART – The Jazz Quartet – Part 1

Here is the first sketch of a Jazz Quartet I’m currently working on. I’ve had this idea bouncing about in my head for the last few months but have felt fully inspired to finally begin in the last week now that I’ve got the colors and design finalized in my mind. Just needed to get it down on my sketchpad then. You can’t rush these things you know! *LOL*

Originally, I was thinking of doing the painting in an abstract cubist style, but as is typical with art, it is an everchanging process once the wheels are set in motion. Therefore, I am finding the design is evolving from predominantly cubist in my mind to something more abstract once it has made it’s way to the sketchbook. Nevertheless, I shall no doubt change it yet again as I progress.


I have progressed from the sketchbook to the canvas and am very happy with the outcome thus far. The singer has slimmed down somewhat and the instrumentalists are now wearing suits. Each canvas is a 30x90cm piece. I plan on having the jazz quartet in deep red (much deeper red than shown as yet) with a darker background in the lower half. The upper half of the set will have a lighter background with abstract cubist themed lighting in the top edges. The quartet will be faceless characters. I want the finished painting to be fun, vibrant but with the characters themselves being anonymous in a way (hence the no faces etc).

I look forward to doing more of this evening when I will have no distractions and seeing how it will progress. Wish me luck! xo


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