Big Eyed Girls – Digital Art / Children’s Art / Kids Room Decor

I’m currently doing a set of Big-Eye Girl Art digitally when I’m not busy doing anything else (basically when I’m bored).


This is Millie.




This is Matilda.

WM-Matilda (Medium)



This is Meredith.

WM Meredith (Medium)



This is Miranda.


WM Miranda (Medium)



I do eventually want to get my crafty side into gear and have the girls printed out, put onto wood blocks and then lacquered.


I’d just like to have a series of the girls done first before I get into the crafty side of things (which I guess makes more sense in the long run).


Do you think they’d look okay as mini prints on wood blocks?  (Just the girl part I mean, not the entirety of the background etc)


7 Responses to “Big Eyed Girls – Digital Art / Children’s Art / Kids Room Decor”

  1. Jim Chiang Says:

    You should make full-sized posters out of these. Kids would love to have them on their walls. Millie especially because the flowers, butterflies, and swirls complement her perfectly. No experience with wood blocks so I can’t comment on that. Have a nice day.–Jim

  2. I think they would also make great PC and smartphone wallpapers. If you are already doing this, just ignore my comment. 🙂 I am really enjoying your blog!

    • Oh wow, you know what? I hadn’t even thought of doing that, but now that you mention it. What a great idea! I thankyou for that, perhaps you should be my Manager! LOL ❤ xo

      • If I can figure out a way to get out of my contract, my manager will be available! 🙂
        Seriously though, There seems to be a huge void in the quality wallpaper department.
        A special thank you for checking out my posts! I truly appreciate it.

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