Street Art Graffiti style Custom Name Art

Here is what I have been working on lately.  It is a piece of street / graffiti style art with the name Lowan on it.  It will be blown up and printed on a full size poster and laminated (for my 6 yr old son’s room).

I will soon start on another name as my other son (Connor 3 yr old) wants one now too.  *winks*


Lowan Final (Medium)


12 Responses to “Street Art Graffiti style Custom Name Art”

  1. you have amazing art, and i want to submit it to a wordpress page, if you will allow me, it is:
    they are looking for art just like yours to showcase…

  2. […] Street Art Graffiti style Custom Name Art. […]

    • I’m currently in the midst of doing the next one for my other son now (the 3 year old), plus I was contacted by a lady that lives in Sydney (I’m in Melbourne) who has contacted me through facebook who would like a huge canvas painting done in graffiti style for her son. Must be a contagious theme, or perhaps they just like it due to the wonderful tones and colours brought to life through Graffiti styled art. 🙂 ps. Thankyou again Andrew! xo

  3. A certain friend of yours not mentioning any names (Andrew Bounds) suggested we touch base with you. We have a site called where we showcase arts in all it’s forms. We would be thrilled to showcase your art if you are willing to share. If so, our submission and theme pages explain the “how to’s” I think graffiti art is amazing!

    • Thankyou so much! I am over at your site right now tending to the submission – I cannot thank you or Andrew enough. This provides a wonderful opportunity to showcase art and has put a massive grin on my face this fine Monday morning! xo

  4. Thankyou!! *HUGE GRIN*

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