Custom Art – Dinosaur theme

I have recently finished doing this Children’s Dinosaur scene painting which was commissioned by a family for their little boy, Orlando.

There is 7 pieces of canvas which make up the entire design.

Dinosaurs can be such fearsome looking creatures and considering this was for a young child, I needed the dinosaurs to be friendly and happy looking.   I designed them to have the look of a cartoon/comic style dinosaur and painted them in nice bright colors that would stand out (with one thing specifically requested by Orlando’s Dad – definitely no matching Australian football colors for the dinosaurs!! lol).

The main canvas has the Dinosaur scene on it complete with a volcano in the background, rocks, plants and waterfall oasis with 6 various Dinosaurs posing around the picture.


The other 6 pieces of canvas that complete the set are of each Dinosaur separately painted as if they’ve had their photo taken.   Dinosaurs are painted the same colors with different colored backgrounds.

WMDino6 WMDino5 WMDino4 WMDino3 WMDino2 WMDino1

Sealed with gloss varnish.

The measurements are :

Main Dinosaur Scene:   61cm x 91.5cm or  24″x36″

Dinosaurs:  25cm x 25cm  or 8″x8″

Medium:  Acrylic

Hope you like them.  🙂


2 Responses to “Custom Art – Dinosaur theme”

    • Thankyou for your comment. lol yes! He was ecstatic when he first saw it! Seeing his face and his parent’s faces was a joy for me as you could see how much they loved it. It’s now on Orlando’s bedroom wall with the smaller paintings arranged artfully down each side of the big canvas. 🙂

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