Big-Eyed Girl Art …. Part 2 We have progress!

A couple of months ago, I began sketching and working on a set of Big-Eyed Girl designs. During this time, I played around with my sketches, hair color, eye color, faces, different background and foreground designs etc. I have finally had enough time in between (what I call) my busy “normal” life to create some high res pictures of my original set of four girl characters, being Matilda, Millie, Miranda and Meredith (and just in case you were wondering, yes, those last two names are from Grey’s Anatomy – I began watching the show when I was thinking of names lol).

The amazingly talented Artist Jim Chiang of the SecondWorstArtistInTheWorld Blog had a wonderful idea to make the pictures into high res wallpapers and I still plan on doing that. Thank you again Jim for that great idea! 🙂

These are the designs now that I have changed them and if you have time, I’d love to see and hear what you think. I am quite partial to the colors myself. I find autumn colors rather relaxing. Must be that color therapy I hear so much about. I’ve created a slightly vintage looking background and foreground in a range of sepia tones that the girls are now taking form in.

Please note though, these pictures are in a low resolution. The prints are in a high resolution and are too large to upload here unfortunately. If you would like to see the high res files, simply leave me a message on Facebook.

Collage (Medium)


2 Responses to “Big-Eyed Girl Art …. Part 2 We have progress!”

  1. I think they are pretty neat designs and would work well with High Res.What I like is the focus given to the eyes. Wish you luck.


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