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My new digs … again *sigh*

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First of all, I must say I’m probably not the best person when it comes to the moving of sites on the internet which is why I asked my dear Husband to do that part for me. I let him know I’d announced on my blog that I was moving my wordpress blog to my actual website and he informed me that I should have let everyone know what to do beforehand. I told him that I thought I did by posting that I was moving … apparently, that wasn’t the case. After being teased for years that I go into too much detail, he informed me that I should have been more detailed! *sighs* So here goes….

Apparently (after receiving more instructions!), if you follow my blog through WordPress (by using the little “follow” button at the top so it shows in the reader) and not through the email subscription section you will not receive updates when I make a new post. Gee I really hope I got that right and explained that enough. If not, perhaps someone who has already done this before could let me know in the comments field.

Basically, all you have to do to keep following me is Subscribe via Email – that way, your subscription will come over with me when I move.

I really hope that makes sense and I’ve tried not to be too detailed but also tried not to confuse people too. *laughs*

I told my Husband, “I just paint, not move blogs around!”

Hopefully this works and if you haven’t already subscribed, then please do that via the email box at the top right of the sidebar and I hope to see you all very soon!

ps. Of course, if I still haven’t been detailed enough, I shall be posting on here again. *winks*


Moving to new digs

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Hi everyone, I’ve been quiet online lately as I’m in the midst of sourcing supplies for a Commission I’ve received from a hospital here in Melbourne (but more on that in another post).

My main website has been under maintenance and one of the final steps is to move my blog over there, which will enable the freedom of file sizes, main store, ordering, contact, commissions etc.

I will have a redirect on this one for the next 12 months and I hope that during that time, your bookmarks will be updated and newsletters will show the new blog site. At least, that’s what the plan is and I just hope it all goes smoothly. *fingers crossed*

Until my next post, my best regards to you all!


Introducing “Hope’s Flight”

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Introducing "Hope's Flight".

This is a wonderful community to be a part of. If you haven’t already visited them, you simply must drop by, make a coffee, sit back and I guarantee that you’ll have a relaxing time browsing their site. Enjoy! 🙂

ABSTRACT ART – Jazz Quartet Part 2.

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ART - Jazz Quartet Part 2.

Almost finished this one I’m working on. It will be hung in a foyer so the colors will stand out well. I can’t wait to finish it! 🙂

ABSTRACT ART – The Jazz Quartet – Part 1

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Here is the first sketch of a Jazz Quartet I’m currently working on. I’ve had this idea bouncing about in my head for the last few months but have felt fully inspired to finally begin in the last week now that I’ve got the colors and design finalized in my mind. Just needed to get it down on my sketchpad then. You can’t rush these things you know! *LOL*

Originally, I was thinking of doing the painting in an abstract cubist style, but as is typical with art, it is an everchanging process once the wheels are set in motion. Therefore, I am finding the design is evolving from predominantly cubist in my mind to something more abstract once it has made it’s way to the sketchbook. Nevertheless, I shall no doubt change it yet again as I progress.


I have progressed from the sketchbook to the canvas and am very happy with the outcome thus far. The singer has slimmed down somewhat and the instrumentalists are now wearing suits. Each canvas is a 30x90cm piece. I plan on having the jazz quartet in deep red (much deeper red than shown as yet) with a darker background in the lower half. The upper half of the set will have a lighter background with abstract cubist themed lighting in the top edges. The quartet will be faceless characters. I want the finished painting to be fun, vibrant but with the characters themselves being anonymous in a way (hence the no faces etc).

I look forward to doing more of this evening when I will have no distractions and seeing how it will progress. Wish me luck! xo

La muralla

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La muralla.

This is really quite amazing. I’m just gobsmacked as to how stunning this has turned out by this talented artist.

Post to WordPress is an awesome new Chrome extension

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Post to WordPress is an awesome new Chrome extension.

I’ve just found this awesome little addon for wordpress.  It enables me to add anything I find on the web that’s interesting and something that I’d like to share on my blog.  I’m sure there are lots out there, but I’m going to give this one a little try to see how it goes.

Here goes….

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