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ABSTRACT ART – The Jazz Quartet – FINISHED Part 3 of 3

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Well, The Jazz Quartet is finished now.  I have used a range of tones of yellows, browns and red being the most stark color.  The black I’ve used as an overall outline along with miscellaneous shading.  As this set of paintings is going into a what I would call my boring foyer in my home, this should really help to perk it up hopefully, giving a bright, fun atmosphere when one walks in.

MMJazzQuartetFINAL (Medium)


I know the painting has turned out somewhat more abstract than cubist.  But this is what I’ve pictured in my head originally when I did the sketch.  I wanted the feel of a dark stage where the Jazz members are lit by some abstract lighting above.  Slight lighting on the instruments, leading down to a darker floor area.  I wanted the painting to radiate a fun and energetic overall feeling.

Hopefully, to the viewer, I’ve managed to capture that.


“The Jazz Quartet”

Acrylic on canvas

Four pieces of canvas to the set

Each piece is 36 inches Height x 16 inches Width (90cm H x 40cm W)  canvas


I was inspired to do this painting after viewing the work of a very talented Artist, Ian White. You can view his amazing work at

ABSTRACT ART – The Jazz Quartet – Part 1

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Here is the first sketch of a Jazz Quartet I’m currently working on. I’ve had this idea bouncing about in my head for the last few months but have felt fully inspired to finally begin in the last week now that I’ve got the colors and design finalized in my mind. Just needed to get it down on my sketchpad then. You can’t rush these things you know! *LOL*

Originally, I was thinking of doing the painting in an abstract cubist style, but as is typical with art, it is an everchanging process once the wheels are set in motion. Therefore, I am finding the design is evolving from predominantly cubist in my mind to something more abstract once it has made it’s way to the sketchbook. Nevertheless, I shall no doubt change it yet again as I progress.


I have progressed from the sketchbook to the canvas and am very happy with the outcome thus far. The singer has slimmed down somewhat and the instrumentalists are now wearing suits. Each canvas is a 30x90cm piece. I plan on having the jazz quartet in deep red (much deeper red than shown as yet) with a darker background in the lower half. The upper half of the set will have a lighter background with abstract cubist themed lighting in the top edges. The quartet will be faceless characters. I want the finished painting to be fun, vibrant but with the characters themselves being anonymous in a way (hence the no faces etc).

I look forward to doing more of this evening when I will have no distractions and seeing how it will progress. Wish me luck! xo

Art Giveaway!!

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Art Giveaway!!

Simply enter to win one medium piece of art of your choice! (large canvasses not eligible) Options here:

One small piece of art, either ACEO or upcycled wooden block of your choice! Check out your options here:

Giraffe Painting acrylics on canvas 80x40cm or 31 1/2 x 15 2/4 inches

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IMG_20121209_182305 (Medium) I gave this cute painting to dear friends’s little boy called Olivier for Christmas. He loves it and his talented Mum has artfully rearranged his whole room so when you walk in, you have the giraffe on the wall with Olivier’s name above it. Looks fantastic!

New items in ETSY store for boys Pirate, Pirate Ship, Treasure Chest, Parrot, Dinosaurs

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I’m not sure what you guys have come across if searching for boys art, but I’ve found that boys can often be overlooked when buying children’s art.  Quite a lot of art I’ve seen lately has been cute, pink and sparkly and has mostly been targeted towards girl’s rooms rather than the blues, greens, pirates, trains and dinosaurs for boys rooms.

Therefore, I decided to do some boys art just so they didn’t miss out on some cool jazzy art for their walls too.

m_dino m_dino1 m_pirate m_pirate_chest m_pirate_parrot m_pirate_ship

The dinosaur art pieces are 20x20cm or almost 8x8in and $15 each plus shipping.

Meanwhile the pirate set of 4 is $145 or you can pick and choose pieces made to order for $40 per canvas 20x25cm or 8x10in.

To have one or more made to order, go via etsy link top right of blog and select Custom.

Hope you like these latest ones 🙂


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My new website has finally gone live and a big thanks to my lovely husband for spending so much time coding it for me (he’s still working the background on it).  I hope you all enjoy it and thankyou for visiting xo

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New board on Pinterest – Lollipop-Designs

I’m going to pop all of my completed paintings onto there for people to view.  Please enjoy!

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