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Art Auction – Mixed Media Canvas

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Mono_Flowers_Panel❤ ❤ ❤ RANDOM AUCTION TIME!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

A big Hello and welcome to everyone

This Art Auction is held on my Facebook page which is here:


Bids start at $5.00

Win your own piece of original art!

This is a mixed media hand-painted original design on canvas board in mono.
Original design and signed by Artist
Includes Certificate of Authenticity signed and dated

Title: “Silver Wattle”
Acrylic on canvas board
Silver diamantes
White Acrylic Molotow
Dimensions are 10x10cm or 4×4″

International $FREE SHIPPING

Via PayPal within 48 hours please
Or contact me to make other arrangements

Thankyou for stopping by!


Street Art Graffiti style Custom Name Art

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Here is what I have been working on lately.  It is a piece of street / graffiti style art with the name Lowan on it.  It will be blown up and printed on a full size poster and laminated (for my 6 yr old son’s room).

I will soon start on another name as my other son (Connor 3 yr old) wants one now too.  *winks*


Lowan Final (Medium)

Big Eye Girl Digital Art – Jade

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Big Eye Girl Digital Art - Jade

Big Eye Girl Digital Art – Jade Girls room nursery decor

Big Eyed Girls – Digital Art / Children’s Art / Kids Room Decor

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I’m currently doing a set of Big-Eye Girl Art digitally when I’m not busy doing anything else (basically when I’m bored).


This is Millie.




This is Matilda.

WM-Matilda (Medium)



This is Meredith.

WM Meredith (Medium)



This is Miranda.


WM Miranda (Medium)



I do eventually want to get my crafty side into gear and have the girls printed out, put onto wood blocks and then lacquered.


I’d just like to have a series of the girls done first before I get into the crafty side of things (which I guess makes more sense in the long run).


Do you think they’d look okay as mini prints on wood blocks?  (Just the girl part I mean, not the entirety of the background etc)

ABSTRACT ART – The Jazz Quartet – FINISHED Part 3 of 3

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Well, The Jazz Quartet is finished now.  I have used a range of tones of yellows, browns and red being the most stark color.  The black I’ve used as an overall outline along with miscellaneous shading.  As this set of paintings is going into a what I would call my boring foyer in my home, this should really help to perk it up hopefully, giving a bright, fun atmosphere when one walks in.

MMJazzQuartetFINAL (Medium)


I know the painting has turned out somewhat more abstract than cubist.  But this is what I’ve pictured in my head originally when I did the sketch.  I wanted the feel of a dark stage where the Jazz members are lit by some abstract lighting above.  Slight lighting on the instruments, leading down to a darker floor area.  I wanted the painting to radiate a fun and energetic overall feeling.

Hopefully, to the viewer, I’ve managed to capture that.


“The Jazz Quartet”

Acrylic on canvas

Four pieces of canvas to the set

Each piece is 36 inches Height x 16 inches Width (90cm H x 40cm W)  canvas


I was inspired to do this painting after viewing the work of a very talented Artist, Ian White. You can view his amazing work at

ABSTRACT ART – Jazz Quartet Part 2.

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ART - Jazz Quartet Part 2.

Almost finished this one I’m working on. It will be hung in a foyer so the colors will stand out well. I can’t wait to finish it! 🙂

Chipmunk riding Harley Davidson custom painting

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One of the pieces I’m currently working on a custom request for a character with dark sunglasses on, riding a Harley Davidson.  I’ve opted to put the motorbike on a highway doing a ride-by with some brown/green grass at the edges of the road.  The chipmunk will be the character as I think it’s rather cute with it’s oversized teeth.  I put a leather vest on it so it should blend right in with other motorbike enthusiasts I hope.

Part 1 – Sketch of chipmunk (hope it looks like one because we don’t have chipmunks here in Australia, so I had to google what one looked like haha!) riding a Harley Davidson.

The client has asked for the theme to be black and orange so this will be quite striking with the colour contrasts.  I’m looking forward to painting this and excited to see how it turns out!

Part 1 Sketch

Part 1 Sketch

And now this one is finished – If you would like to see each stage as it is painted, I post them on my fb page at:  If you like my art, please swing by and “Like” me on Facebook too.  🙂

The painting finished is below.

Stage 5 Finished

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